Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A new baby, all shiney and new.....

Yesterday I got to see Helen and David's newest addition to the family - Matthew.
He was born on April 19th at a healthy 7lbs 11 ounces and is now about 8 weeks old. I was amazed by how tiny a kid can be.....before being reminded that I was even smaller at age! Apparently he looks a lot like me when I was younger, but don't all babies look the same anyway? Helen tells us that he never stops crying - but he was remarkably silent when in our place, he only cried once and that was quickly cured by picking him up - all he wants is loads of attention!
Someone pointed out that by the time he's celebrating his 21st birthday, I'll be celebrating(?) my 40th, going through a mid-life crisis and have sprogs of my own, which is a bit freaky. 19 years is now the gap between oldest and youngest in the family, I'm starting to feel like an old fogey!
What was really scary was to see how his older sister, Rebecca (3) reacted around him - my heart was in my mouth as she lies down next to him, then manages to roll on top of him, hit him with a loose arm and drop her shoe on him and try to fold up his mat - while he's still lying on it! - he's one tough little fellow!

I'm off to Spain in the morning with some friends from
MAD, Morgan, Mick, Paddy, Nigel and Mark. We're staying with and I can't wait!

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