Sunday, September 03, 2006

About time I updated this.......

Well, there's been quite a lot and quite a lot of nothing going on in the 2 months since I lasted here's a list.
-Mtb holiday in Spain with Freeride Spain Highly recommended!
-Running the MAD Dash
-Working in the county council
-Getting 12th place in Experts in the Nationals
-Getting a kidney infection
-Trying (and failing, no matter how hard I train!) to get some fitness back after 4 weeks off
-Drinking nothing but water and cranberry juice for 6 weeks
-Missing the Limerick NPS, dropping out of the Castlewellan and Slade Valley NPS' after 1 lap :(
-Watching Ryan and Mel tearing up the racing scene, trying to stay in the same timezone as them in training!
-Selling my beloved yellow bouncy bike which I hadn't been using.

And thats about it really.

I've now got about a month off before returning to college, the plan is to ride lots and get into shape for the Marathon Champs (September 22nd) and the 'Cross season, starting October 1st.
Also, I'll be doing the Saturday beginner/introductory spins to try get some new members into this great sport of ours.......

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