Monday, September 18, 2006

Biking, lots of fun

After a miserable August of rubbish non-performances at races and sickness, I'm finally getting back into form, just in time for the Marathon Champs which are on this weekend in Carlingford.
I'm a little hung up about having to race over such a distance (50km) as its twice as long as any other race I've done.
To prepare, I've been doing lots of miles, including a 80km spin to Djouce which was plagued by punctures, mostly on the IMBRC bikes. MAD got off lucky on that one. Surprizingly I actually felt great after that ride, not even tired.
This weekend I started out at 8am on Saturday to meet Morgan in the Leadmines at 9am, gives us an hour to find our way around the place before having to bring the beginners around it! After 2.5 hours with the beginners, I decided to take a bit of a roundabout route home. Turning south on leaving the Leadmines, I headed for Enniskerry and then west to Cloon wood, on a road which has a most horrible and numbing climb, especially on when riding on your own. I think thats the first time I've ever actually complained about a climb :-)
In Cloon, I put a bit of power down and sprinted up the fireroads to the top, feeling real good at that stage. The weather was great, the solitude was good and I was feeling quite content. Until I was chased by a flock of sheep, which was a little strange. On top of Cloon and heading north again, I took in my favourite piece of trail, the featherbeds/Glencree valley and out onto the Military road, which for once wasn't howling with wind! 28km from the Leadmines to my front door in 1:50 which I was quite pleased with.
Certainly it was a nice self confidence boost after a debacle of a midweek training ride with Ryan, in the pooring rain. I struggled up Kilmashogue hill in a time of 17mins 30secs, at 90% effort. Which basically means that I was fitter last Christmas, before I started training, than I am now. Starting to worry about the 'Cross season......... Naturally, Ryan cruised by me without even breaking a sweat. I then went on to puncture and put a small tear in my new back tyre and hit to fix it atop 3rock in the monsoon conditions, reason enough to go tubeless I think! Disastrous ride, I was glad to get home from it, soaking wet, freezing and pissed off.

Then there's always the highs that make you think why you love it all. Like the introductory days that we've been having. Great to see high turnouts and smiling new faces, and hopefully a few new club members for the future too.......

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Ryan Sherlock said...

Most don't bother commenting on blogs. Try google analytics to see where (and how many) hits are coming.

Oh, and don't worry about the hill climb. The day we went up was a bad day for it - rainy, windy and cold... Originally I had planed to try a PB up it but in that weather, I knew I would not even get close...

Sounds like a crazy spin on Saturday though! When winter rolls in and racing ends that's what I will be doing :)

Fergal said...

hey Sean, I'm keeping an eye on your grammar and spelling - all looking good so far!!!