Sunday, December 31, 2006

Base Training & Christmas

Time of year again to be getting in the big mileages with long spins on the road and MTB the order of the day.
I've been out 4-6 times a week since finishing college, doing long road spins on Saturdays, long MTB spins on Sundays, evening road rides in the Phoenix Park and any other rides that are going.
To break from tradition, myself and Ryan did a big MTB spin on Saturday (and earning a telling off from Robin :-), but Ryan's road hub had exploded so his road bike was out of action) meeting at Viewpoint and covering Glencree, Cloon, Knockree, the road around to the front of Djouce, a few laps of Djouce, down to Powerscourt and then a climb to Crone, back around Knockree, up Prince Willies, then a secret little track and back to Viewpoint and home.
Total distance was 80km with 1900m of climbing, the pace was pretty good and both Ryan and myself were feeling it by then end, but it was a really enjoyable spin.

The previous Saturday, was had a disaster of a road spin, with 6 punctures in total - I blew out both tubes on the same pothole, damaging both rims and tyres in the process. I then managed to follow this up with punctures on both Christmas Eve and St. Stephen's day MTB spins. Both spins were really relaxed, casual affairs and really good fun, Christmas Eve was small and good craic, Stephen's Day was just riotous fun :-)

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