Monday, February 18, 2008

Driving Test

Passed the driving test today - woohoo!
Felt very well prepared, thanks to plenty of lessons from the Irish School of Motoring, but was still pretty nervous.

Just for a laugh, I wore the HRM and put the Garmin in the door pocket of the car.
Here's the output:

You can see it spikes where I had to do the various manouvres and for some strange reason, the biggest spike is at a roundabout, which was not heavily trafficed and I had no trouble passing through.
I honestly expected to average a lot higher, as my heart was pounding and my knees trembling in the pre-tests which I did.

Only managed 1 fault, a minor observation fault on the reverse, so almost blemish-free.
For my first solo drive, I headed out to UCD for our Monday evening climbing session. Time to hang up the L plates.


Anonymous said...

will you post the route?
martin lol

Sean said...


Morgan said...

Well done Sean - any chance of a lift up to Tollymore for the second K-Capital race?

Morgan said...

Hey Sean - why can't your blog be more like this? Corporate branding and everything! And blue tights! And chicks!

Sean said...

At least I can appear at least semi-literate....down with text-speak, I say!