Monday, March 24, 2008

Playing with the Blog

Google have updated the Blog dashboard, so far it seems pretty user friendly but you need to reshuffle any links and things you've got in the sidebar >>>>>>
Updated some of the links (new sites from Mel and Cait) and added the big picture (from Shay Barry) up top. Just as well most people are on broadband these days :-)

Other things I've been doing include going to the K Capital Cup races in Kilruddery and Moneyscalp and doing the bottle handups. This has made me very hungry to get back on the bike and I'm having cravings for 6 hour spins covering as much of Wicklow as I can...
Great to see lots of folks from MAD doing well, especially Ryan, Mel, Oisin and Fergal with great finishes in their categories this weekend as a payoff for their hard work. Pretty cool to see groups of racers travelling over from GB and Belgium - brings a bit of international flavour and shows others are taking an interest in Irish racing.
There seems to be an awful lot of nice new machines on the race circuit this year. Maybe someone found a pot of gold hidden on a mountainside somewhere. Must locate it and see about updating my steed for when I get back into it...

Seeing a consultant on April 3rd...onwards and upwards from there I say!