Saturday, April 12, 2008

Life in the pit lane

Saturday April 12th....Wicklow Way Ultra day. This was one of my first goals for the season, but I had to give up on it a long time ago. Maybe next year.
Nearly 4 months out of training now, still don't know what's wrong with me. A very brief road ride a few weeks ago proved that I've lost pretty much all of the hard work I've put in on the bike over 3 years. I was zonked after 30 easy minutes on the flat and nearly suffered the embarrassment of losing out to a group of 70 year olds, probably out training for the Wicklow 200. Poker-faced radiologist wasn't reavealing much last Wednesday, just said she'd "send her findings" to the consultant. Swallowing a camera on Friday, maybe it'll be the day when everything becomes clearer. Cabin fever is setting in :-)

I've mainly occupied myself with college work (never realised I could be so up-to-date with my work when not training 20 hours a week!) and helping out at the K Caps doing the bottles for the MAD crew and a few assorted others. MAD has had a really good showing this year with some very strong results. Needed 4 layers (inc 2 waterproofs) to stay warm and dry last week in Djouce, the feed zone was very exposed. It was pretty cool being able to see the bands of hail and snow rolling in over the Maulin Valley however. Really wish I could have raced, as I know that those conditions would really have suited me. Still, I'm buying lots of good karma in the hope of a speedy return to action.
Thanks to all those who have offered kind words.

Pictures by Cormac Ahern