Sunday, November 30, 2008


Zero time on the bike lately, but my Ascent file shows a bit of this curious "Running" thing showing up...
In short, I find running a bit more time-efficient (put on shoes, go for 45 min run, go home) and in that sort of timeframe, I get more out of a run than an equivalent cycle session. Also means I don't have to do any bike maintenance :-)

Had planned my first road spin in a while for Saturday, but after meeting Arek, we agreed that it was too icy to risk going any further. Posts on showed it to be a wise idea.
With another icy day expected today, I resolved to get my exercise au pied, which meant a run in the cold around Tymon Park. Seeing as Accuweather thought it to feel like -3deg outside (I really love the Real Feel application) I wrapped up in 2 Helly Hansen layers and my MAD winter jacket and was just about warm enough (after returning home after 3 mins to get warmer gloves)
Lower body protection was provided by some Under Armour HeatGear tights. These kept me lovely and warm, but after just a few minutes, I became quite aware that my legs weren't feeling good, like something was wrong with my shoes or stride. Seeing as I've not had any trouble with either of those recently, I wonder if it was due to the compression qualities of the tights. Who knows...more experimentation required I think. I'm reasonably aware of the supposed benefits of compression clothing, but I'm also aware of the need for unrestricted blood flow to muscles during exercise...

The tights (and some other bits...) came from the most excellent of Wales. I stumbled across this store on the web one day and was impressed with their range of brands and prices (it helps that the euro is strong against sterling right now) A quick email last Monday asking for a bit of info about a product was greeted with a super-quick and researched the extent that the store owner actually went out with a measuring tape and measured some items for me to get the correct fit...Placing the order at 7pm saw it packaged and ready to post by 10pm on Monday night, and it arrived in Dublin Thursday morning. They even threw in a free fleece neck gaitor, which was most welcome this weekend!
So if you're looking for any sort of running/AR/outdoors gear, Likey's is the place to go!

Busy week expected this week, last of the term. Loads of assignments and reports due these couple of weeks, looking forward to taking a day or two off at this stage...maybe I might even get to venture out on two wheels...