Sunday, March 15, 2009

Djouce Trail Challenge

Its mid March and I can count the number of times I've been cycling this year on 1 hand, so I needed little extra incentive to hit today's Djouce Trail Challenge hosted by Team WORC. Robin and the guys obviously put a heap of work into the trails, in what is already the best area in Ireland to ride and with the sun shining, about 160 riders of all shapes and sizes set off on a dusty dry 20km loop.
Wasn't really bothered about pushing myself or racing, but that's not to say I didn't :-)
After the chaos of the start, things settled down a bit after Bench Cut, but I was still getting stuck behind a few people on Off Camber and then made a silly mistake overtaking someone on the way into a really cool steep descent...only to find out later that we shouldn't have been on that descent at all. Nevermind, nearly everyone seemed to miss the markings anyway, so only lost out to the top few riders. After that, I met up with Gareth Gormley, Ian and Jordan Sutton and tootled around with them. The new singletrack is AMAZING! Having been off the bike for so long, it felt great to just get out and get the bike flowing through the woods again. Had 1 slide, lost the front wheel down a bank but nothing serious.
A day well spent!

My preparations for the next hillrun continued yesterday with another lap of the Crone course. Another sunny day, but a bit windy up top...despite the beautiful day and inspiring scenery, my legs were absolutely shot from the minute I left the car and I was really struggling. Don't know why, just spent the whole run hoping I'm not coming down with something (my brother has been very sick all week, so there's lots of germs floating about :-(
On the way back down, I had zoned out and was just plodding onwards, when - WHOOPS - I'm lying face-down on the ground after tripping. Lots of cuts on my hands (1 deep slit) and legs....and oh no! another shredded pair of tights. Need someone to sponsor me some running kit at this stage!

The aim for this week is some hard workouts early in the week (provided my legs are good - not pushing a body which doesn't want to be pushed) and rest at the end, in preparation for Saturday. Also plan on getting the bulk of my dissertation written up this week too, so busy times!

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